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Hi, Gamers From now I start a new Category that is Stories and Gaming here you can find out my Stories and some news about the Gaming industries.

Here you can find out to live your Gaming dream as like many gamers and especially for Indians Kids who want to become Gamers because they love games.

What is Gaming for Me?

Gaming is like my half-life, I play games because I love it more than anyone. My most played game is GTA Vice city I know most gamers play that game more than any other game. But my favorite game is Tekken and Tekken 3 is the first game I play, Let’s tell you a story about this game.

Story Time

In this story, you can see lots of struggle, In the First Time, my Big Brother give me this game on Pen Drive but the game is not working on my PC because the game is corrupted but they told me so much about the game that it’s my goal to play that game in my life.

I am a little boy at that time so I try so hard to find this game, in that time I am not aware that you can download games from the internet, so I looked all over. I ask many friends about this game but no one has that Game but at last, I get the game from a person.


But on his PC there is so much virus-like series virus but I take that game in my pen drive and put that pen drive in My PC and BOOM. My PC is completely going mad that virus is in the next level it totally breaks my PC or you say potato PC.

My PC is completely down which makes me too angry that I punched the CPU and it breaks from the front and after that, I fixed that with a tape hehe hehe.

After another 1 Year, I searching that game and finally, I found that game from a friend and I play that game day and night, There is one thing in the game that I don’t Like a bit you can not save the game when you close the game it will reset.

I play Tekken 3 Thousands of time day after day but I can’t complete it because it will reset itself after I close it and I can’t have that much time to play it till the end, its take so much of time.

But one day I complete it and open all characters from Dr. B to GON and Also Beach mode which I don’t even know. I’m so happy on that day and after that, I put my PC in Sleep mode for the next day so my game can’t be reset.

OMG Those were the days I play every game and I finished that game in a month or a little more. I play every game shooting, fighting, racing, survival, puzzle almost every game.

Also want to play those games now or the latest games released nowadays like CyberPunk 2077, Anthem, and many more. But my PC is too old for me to play those games.

One day I Purchase the Best Gaming PC and Play all Games I want From that day till nowadays.

One thing I tell you and also myself is that if you want something, Go for it even it is impossible for you, remember one thing nothing is impossible for you.

It’s just a game I want to play and I spend 2 whole years to find this game, after I get that game I play Tekken Tag, 5, 6, tournament. That means chase your goal and you will find more than that what you just want.

Just tell me if you like this category or not.


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