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Clash of Clans mod apk is a very popular game on android devices over millions of players all around the world play this game. There are many tournaments held of this game all over the world or you can say e-sport battle of top clans.

This is a strategy game in which you need to build your town hall and your building like your defense and your walls. You can train your troops to attack your opponents and take their loots.


To grow faster you need many loots like gold, elixirs, and also dark elixirs. The name clash of clans tells you that you need to make a clan where your friends and you stay and fight in clan wars and increase the level of the clan.

There are many troops like BarbariansWizardsArchers, and many more which you can unlock and train then with elixirs. Some troops do not train by normal elixir they need dark elixir for trains like GolemsValkyries, Hog riders, and many more to go.

In case to build your defense building they much gold to build and also upgrade them. Don’t think that you can complete this game in one week or two they need much time to build the building.

The max level of the town hall is level 13 and trust me it not an easy job to reach that level so easily you need to master the troop’s powers and make your own unique fighting style or strategy.

You can also make some spells in Clash of Clans mod that help you in attacks the opponents like Lighting spellHealing SpellRage Spell and many more, But there are also many dark troops that are Poison spellEarthquake spellSkeleton spell and many more.

You also have some heroes that help you in battles and also protect your village from being attacked that is Barbarian KingArcher QueenGrand Warden, and a new hero appears that is Royal Champion.

They have some abilities that unlock at level 5 of all heroes Like barbarian King has an Iron Fist that increases his damagehealth, speed, and summand a group of barbarians.

The Archer Queen has a Royal Cloak that makes her invisible for a couple of seconds and increases her HealthDamage, and she also summoned a group of archers.

For Grand Warden and Royal Champion, you need to find out their abilities on your own for that you just need to download the game.

Some New Features of Clash of Clans Mod

  • New Super Troops is added that is Super Wizard and Ice Hound.
  • New Machine that is Log Launcher.
  • New Spell and new Tawn Hall 13 Content and many more.

Some Feature of The Game

  • Make and Join Clans.
  • Fight in Clan Wars.
  • Work Together in Clan Games.
  • Improve your tactics and combination in practice mode.
  • Attack your enemies in a multiplayer battle.
  • Unlock Heroes and battle machines.
  • Upgrade your troops in Research and make them powerful.
  • Fight with friends in friendly battles.
  • Fight against goblin king in single-player mode.
  • Upgrade your Builder hall and be unbeatable.
  • New Hero Skins
  • Unlock New buildings and upgrade them.

Some Information about Clash of Clans Mod apk

We all know that this game needs so much time and patience to complete and grow so there are many people how to make a mod version of the game. The mod of the game is the same as the original but the server is different or you can say this is a private server of the game.
The private server of any game gives you the same gaming experience of the game but it is not connected to the original game or server of the game.
Same work on Clash of Clans Mod apk here you can see all thing same as original but you can not connect with your friend or your clan members. Enjoy this server as you want here you can see all resources full.
The main thing you make this mod is for gems which are very very rear in the game but you can get them by removing treesstones, and another object from your base. After an update, there is a new builder hall where you can see a new mine called gem mine which gives you gems but a very low amount.

Some Features of COC Mod

  • Unlimited Gems.
  • Unlimited Gold.
  • Unlimited Elixirs.
  • Unlimited Dark Elixirs.
Size:- 136 MB
Version:- 13.675.6v
Android Version:- 4.4 or Higher
Updated ON:- 30/12/2020
The link is taken from the site called apkdone must check this site there you can also see many mod games for free. All that information is taken from the official site of Clash of Clans.
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Want more information about them, go to their official site the link is above or you can comment below for more game mods you want.

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