Download Best Kick the Buddy Mod 1.0.6v-ConfusedGamer

Download Best Kick the Buddy Mod 1.0.6v

Kick the Buddy mod apk is a game for IOS and Android Devices for releasing your stress. This is a very popular game for such uses where you can beat the buddy from anything like any weapons, explosive, or many more which you can see in the game.

This game is quite very popular with children as they play this game every day and beat the buddy as they want. The game starts gaining popularity after a few years after the release of the game.


No problem if you are using Android or IOS the game is available on App Store and also on Play Store. The Player says that this game helps them to relieve stress from their mind after beating the buddy. Kick the Buddy mod give you unlimited Gold and many.

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The game has a very nice AI system as if you don’t touch the character then it goes to sleep or a buddy starts to tease you so you get angry. You can use any kind of weapon, explosive to kill or explodes the buddy.

Some Information about Kick the Buddy Mod

  • You can use Explosive, Fire, Guns, Freezing, Toss, Power of Gods, and also smash and destroy the buddy.
  • The game is more than just a relaxing or stress-releasing game it is actually an action game.
  • Fire Rockets, Grenades, Automatic rifles, and even Nuclear Bombs to make your anger come out.
  • The game said that this is not a game to get angry to come out but it is a fun game that you can play when getting bored.
  • You can get a virtually limitless arsenal to beat. You can do anything like a slap and bash the doll, smash all around and destroy it completely.
  • They try to make the game better and better on every update so you can enjoy it and increase your gaming experience.

Is Kick the Buddy mod save for Children’s?

In the PEGI age restriction form that said that the game age restriction rating does not refer to their game difficulty level. This rating depends on their mature content that is if the game has a 3 rating the game is difficult for 3-year-old children.

Same if the game rated is 18 then the game contains mature content. The age restriction for Kick the Buddy mod is 7 because it contains non-realistic violence.

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As many parents said that this game is not safe for their children as the game contains too much violence like blood or killing use of weapons. On the other hand blood feature is a paid which needs to purchase before use.

As the game has an extra feature in which player can put any photo of their friend or family to the buddy, which cause hate between their friends and family.

Features of Kick the Buddy Mod

  • Powerful Elements.

Great elements are waiting for you like Fire, Freezing, sharks, helicopters, smashing, and even much more than that you can experience in the game.

  • Lots of Weapons.

Weapons Like Guns, Grenades, Rockets, Rop, God Powers, and many more which you can see in the game.

  • Realistic Physics.

The game has realistic Physics which makes it more fun to play and using weapons and increases the gaming experience.

  • Crazy Combos.

You can use amazing combos to explode the buddy and kill your boring time. Using different weapons and elements to increase the damage and fun of playing.

  • Relieve Stress.

Help you to release the stress from the whole day and kill your boredom.

  • Unlimited Money/Coins.

  • Insane Explosive.

See amazing explosive weapons like bombs, rockets, and grenades which add extra fun to the game while playing.

Size:- 95.5 MB

Version:- 1.0.6v

Android Version:- 5.0 and higher

Updated On:- 5/01/2021

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