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 Shadow Fight 3 Mod Unlimited Coins/Gems Frozen Enemy VIP Item Unlock, No ads, Unlimited EveryThing

Shadow Fight 3 Mod is a series of fighting games for Android and ISO which is developed by Nekki. The game is set in the Far East Location and contain martial arts action between combat battle. The game has 3 sequels that are Shadow Fight 1, 2, and 3.


The first part of this game released as a Facebook game, but after their success, the two sequels are available as free-to-play games and release on the play store. The game has amazing graphics and incredible weapons and armors which you can use during battles.

Shadow Fight 3 Mod is an action RPG fighting game that is released on October 27, 2017. The company announced the released date in April 2016 and first it releases in Canada on July 17, 2017. After released the game in India then it released worldwide on November 16, 2017.

As we all predict that this game is the same as other Shadow Fight games like players have a shadow character but in this, there is a completely different storyline. In this, you can fight as an animated character but have the power to go their shadow form and use different abilities of powers.

The environment is a three-dimensional animated character and unlocks your shadow form and changes the abilities by changing the weapons. The shadow form is a temporary ability that helps to fight and regenerate your help and gives unique power.

The Powers in Shadow Form is based on the player current gear’s and faction. All weapons have different shadow powers and you can also upgrade them by collecting the cards. The card is earned from the battle you play and also from the daily log-in or events. Information Gather from Wikipedia.


Features Of Shadow Fight 3 Mod

  • Game-Based on Physically accurate Fighting action.
  • Controls have easy to learn for anyone.
  • You can Combine any weapon with any kind of armor, helm, and Range Weapons.
  • The player can create 100+ combination skills
  • Unlimited Gems
  • VIP Items Unlock
  • Frozen Enemy
  • No ads
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Shadow Fight Arena
  • Winter Event
  • New Customization Feature.

About Shadow Fight 3 Mod

  • Action Overload

Shadow Fight 3 Mod, the world on the edge of an epic war. Great mighty heroes from 3 clans are fighting with each other and have shadow energy. Stand out to end the war and fight with all great heroes and defeat them with your great combat skills.

There are two sides one has Dynasty people who want to use the shadow power for their profits and craft but on another hand, there are Mysterious Heralds, who study the darkest secrets of the shadow power. Which side you can choose.

  • Make Your Own Hero

Create your own hero by choosing your looks and the weapons you fight with. You can collect many weapons as you can and also armors in your journey in-game. Special abilities are waiting for you to collect them and use a unique set and make your own storyline by choosing your faction.

  • Ultimate Battles Is Waiting

In this world, there is an epic war waiting for you where you travel and fight with great enemies that possessed great shadow abilities. There are unusual places and stories, powerful bosses defeat them and learn 3 different fighting styles of combat.

Combine your 3 different styles to make your own unique style of fighting. Choose your style from tricky ninja to mighty knight amazing different fight styles is here. Master the shadow Energy and perform powerful hits and change the course of the battle.

  • Level Up Your Skills

Fight with a real player in a duel mode event the journey is over you can still show off your skills and power to other players from worldwide. The leaderboard is waiting for you to put your name on the top 100 player list from your region.

Shadow Fight 3 Mod:- New Arena

Welcome to the New Arena, in this, you can create your own dream team of 3 fighters and fight with another team. The heroes in this arena have their unique abilities which you can also upgrade and level up your hero.

In this mode, you need to understand the tactics like which hero can counterattack the enemy’s hero and win the battle easily. Like classic fighting, you can control your heroes and fight in your style as you want to, in your mobile devices.

New Heroes

  • Helga Rare
  • Marcus Epic
  • Azuma Common
  • Ironclad Common
  • Yukka and shade rare
  • Kibo Epic
  • Jet

Details about Shadow Fight 3 Mod

Size:- 110MB
Version:- 1.24.0v
Android Version:- 5.0 or Higher
Updated On:- 10/01/2020

Note:-If there is any kind of update in this game and we do not update that game on this article. Like the game is now at 1.24.0 version but in future the game update and get the higher version, Then must comment below and we provide the latest version to you.


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